Nurse Talk

Nurse Talk

From the website…

Nurse Talk was the dream of two wild and crazy RNs who—after 30+ years in nursing—decided there was no time like the present to make their vision of a national radio show a reality. In 2008 RNs Casey Hobbs and Maggie McDermott along with long-time entertainment professional Pattie Lockard and award winning sound designer June Miller crafted their Nurse Talk pitch demo. Armed with the demo, a tag line of “laughter is the best medicine”, and a LOT of optimism the group (mostly Pattie) started to play the demo to friends, relatives and anyone else who would listen. MOST everyone liked it but whispered “they’re crazy”, after they left the room.

Next….the radio stations… Their responses? “Why isn’t it a doctor show?” “Is it just advice?” “There are too many advice shows.” “Dr. Dean Edell has a corner on the market.” “Maybe they’d like it in Mexico.” “Radio is dying.” “It’ll never fly!”

The nurses took things into their own hands and now three years later, self-produced Nurse Talk, “where laughter is the best medicine” is heard on the air in major metropolitan areas on both the West and East Coasts, and worldwide on the Internet, has partnerships with the largest groups of nurses in the country and gives away a “square needle award” every week on the show.

Since the inception nurse McDermott has put herself out to pasture but is an occasional co-host. Her chair has been taken over by the multi-talented nurse Dan Grady. Together he and Casey dish out humor, education and humanity every week.