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Twelve uniformed, white cops in San Francisco

beat to the street one

black man,

and sit on him, handcuff him, hold him down, face

to the pavement

for forty minutes.

He is unarmed –

we expected that –

but he is also un-legged – just a metal stump where once was a leg and they

sit on him and hold him down, face-down in the streets of

San Francisco

while the rest of us stand around and take photos with cellphones.

Outrage is such a



Raging out

or in

or any direction,

what word-winds could ever enrage enough ?

(as twelve white San Francisco cops – together hold down

one unarmed black man with no

legs –

face to the gutter –

for forty minutes?)


“…and it occurred to me…”

Nicki Giovanni said for all of us:

“maybe I shouldn’t write

at all,

but clean my gun

and check my kerosene supply

perhaps these are not poetic


at all.”

And the Soviet journalist Ilya Ehrenburg, on witnessing the

mutilated and tortured bodies of Russians that Hitler’s Nazi troops had murdered:

“A Tommy gun, not a pen, is needed.”



Fred Jerome

Fred Jerome, author of many books including (with Rodger Taylor) Einstein on Race and Racism (Rutgers University Press, 2005) is a Board member of WFTE, a longtime troublemaker and most significantly, played a small role in bringing into the world ten grandchildren who — he hopes — will multiply the troublemaking in the years ahead.