Underwriting Opportunities


Introducing WFTE, the new progressive voice in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

WFTE-FM is an independent community radio station committed to informing and entertaining your customer base with a wide range of locally-focused programming. It’s an exciting new alternative to the area’s somewhat stale media scene, and your business can be an important part of it.
For a fraction of the cost of becoming a commercial radio advertiser, your business can become a WFTE Underwriter. 
Just glance at our underwriting rates and you’ll see that getting your business on the air has never been more affordable. *And to make this opportunity even more compelling in these challenging times, WFTE-FM is a 501-c (3) non-profit, which means that your underwriting contribution is tax deductible.
Do well by doing good, grow your business while supporting your community, underwrite WFTE.
As an underwriter, your message will get through to an engaged local audience without having to fight its way through the usual advertising clutter. And as a supporter of independent community radio, your business will be recognized as a vital participant in and a caring member of the community.

Your message can reach a listening audience of 300,000 NEPA consumers. 

 WFTE broadcasts to five counties in the region: (deleted Luzerne) Lackawanna, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna and Wayne. That’s not just a sizable potential audience, it’s a relevant one. This audience lives, works and plays within reach of your business. Best of all these are community radio listeners, 86% of whom say they are more likely to have a positive opinion of businesses that support community radio.



Your message will also be streamed online at WFTE.org, so listenership is virtually unlimited. 
In addition to exposure to a high-quality audience on radio and the Web, you’ll have the opportunity to have your business represented at our upcoming special events; community gatherings such as location broadcasts, concerts, flea markets, picnics, First Friday booths and more. And a link to your business’s website will appear on WFTE’s underwriter’s page.
Satisfaction AND your money back. 
So look at the rates, compare them to the costs of conventional advertising on typical commercial radio, consider the tax advantage and contact us about becoming a WFTE Underwriter right now.
Contact Jake Rosen today by calling 570-212-WFTE (9383)
or by email at: underwriting@wfte.org