Several people took to the streets in downtown Scranton Saturday to hold a protest.

This one was called “Occupy Scranton” but the message was the same as “Occupy Wall Street.”

A few of the signs that people held up said “get money out of politics” and “rest in peace middle class.”

Several protesters on courthouse square in Scranton started at noon, including a boy with a one dollar bill covering his mouth to send a very specific message to government leaders.

“The 99 percent is all of us people that keep doing the work, and we’re lucky enough to make a living. The one percent of the people earn all the cash and control everything. It’s corporate greed against working people that are having a hard time keeping their jobs,” said President of the Local Workers Union Joe Badavan.

Protesters said, there are several things the government needs to change, but the biggest one is the difference between the working class and the corporate class.

They said, the working people cannot afford any more taxes, and the corporate giants need to give more.

“Your philosophy of greed, your philosophy of oh don’t tax me, I’ll create jobs, I got no money to buy your product, how are you going to hire people to create jobs, I don’t think so,” said Steve Simko of Harding.

Protestors said, now that the public is putting more and more pressure on its leaders, the movement will continue to grow, and it can’t be ignored.

“I would compare this movement today to some of the things in the past, such as civil rights, that over time, and it took some time, but the message was heard loud and clear,” said Dr. Dan Edmunds of Dunmore.

source: http://www.wnep.com/wnep-20111015,0,3841334.story